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Visual Arts

Visual Arts Program for Lower School (Kindergarten - 4th grade)


The mission of the lower school art program is to solidify the students' creative confidence while learning the fundamentals of art making and appreciation. The curriculum is a blend of craft, fine art, creative thinking, and design. Students are encouraged to focus on the process of making as well as collaborating with their peers, instead of on the success or failure of an end product. Students progress in the study of color theory, from Kindergarten through 4th grade, building upon what they have learned the year prior and ending with a sophisticated understanding of how to mix and use color in painting. Similar learning progressions occur with design, drawing, textiles and sculpture. Examples of art history are used throughout the grades to practice and introduce a wide variety of styles, as well as to gain a broad understanding of the importance of art in human culture. Students receive a well rounded and in-depth art education.  


Visual Arts Program for Upper School (5th - 8th grades)

The art program at Adda Clevenger for upper school students begins with developing a strong drawing foundation. With an emphasis on realism that allows for objective feedback, students gain confidence as their skills develop. Throughout the year we work with different 2-D mediums from charcoal, paints, soft pastels and pen and ink. Students learn shading, shapes, value, creating dimension, perspective, landscapes, still lifes, creating textures, drawing from imagination, portraits and human form. The goal for the upper school art department is to prepare our students to be able to see the world and represent it in a thoughtful manner.