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TK/K Summer Camp 2024

TK/K Summer Camp 2024


Our TK/K Summer Camp will run for 7 weeks, from July 1st to August 16th. The cost for the 7-week program is $4550, exclusive of transportation and field trip costs. Camp hours will be from 8am to 5pm. Early drop-off and late pick-up are available for an additional fee and by special arrangement only. Choicelunch is not available for the summer program, so students will need to bring a lunch.  Students are not required to attend all seven weeks of the camp, but we  are unable to prorate the camp fee for partial attendance.

The 7-week summer program is intended for students who are currently enrolled/re-enrolled in TK1 and TK2, as well as students who will be enrolling/re-enrolling in  TK1, TK2 or Kindergarten in the Fall Semester. The requirements for incoming TK1s are the same as for current TK1s: potty-trained and pacifier-free. A nap time will be included for any students who require it.

The program is play-based and will include many opportunities to play outdoors, both here at school and around town. 


Camp program by week

During this week, the kiddos will learn how to be a good friend. They will complete different art activities about friendship and learn how to work together with their friends. We will be reading books about friendship and try to put into action what we learned about being a good friend.

During this week the kiddos will be learning from the classic fairy tales to the most modern fairy tales. Also, we will do different activities based on children's books. We will make trips to the library to find books we are interested in learning about and read them during class. (Field trip to the library)

During this week the children will be learning all about camping. We will make s’mores, “camp fires” (without real fire, don’t worry), outside obstacle courses, hikes around the neighborhood and a lot of fun crafts.

During this week, the kiddos will be experimenting with different materials to learn about science. They will be exposed to different topics like how the water cycle works and how to make a volcano erupt. We will have a lot of fun! (Field trip)

During this camp our little ones will be learning all about healthy habits. All of them are getting ready for a new school year and it’s a good idea to learn how to take care of their bodies. During this camp we will be learning how to properly wash our teeth & hands and how to prepare a healthy snack by ourselves. Also, we will be doing a lot of walks around the neighborhood and moving activities, it will be so fun!

During this camp, we will review all the letters in the alphabet as a good refreshment before the school year starts. We will learn how to build the letters with different materials and sing fun songs to learn the letter sounds. The kiddos will be so ready to rock their new school year.

During this camp, the kiddos will learn about new games; from board games to outdoor games. It will be everything about games. What better way to finish our summer than by playing games! The last day we will have an “end of the summer celebration” with snacks and a fun movie!