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Academics Powered by the Arts

Adda Clevenger School


We were founded to encourage the intellectual, social and physical development of students who are able, and have the desire, to learn, grow and achieve more, and to do so more quickly, than is possible in a mainstream classroom. The whole child – mind, body and character – is fostered to maximize educational success, social growth and personal development throughout the years of formal schooling.

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Learn, Experience, Evaluate


Students are actively engaged in the classroom and in school life; the development of passive learning habits and social d ...
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Students develop the discipline, confidence, skills and personal charisma to imagine creatively, to risk failure in order to su ...
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Over the years we have found, however, that the academic performance of both average and above average learners is enhanced by ...
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News & Announcements

Press Release - Presidio of SF

Adda Clevenger School Expands in the Presidio with New Lease K-8 School Becomes the 9th School to L...


After visiting Adda Clevenger we were impressed with not only the educators and curriculum but also ...


Adda Clevenger's focus on the mind-body-spirit connection that comes from balancing Academics, A...


We are very keen for our daughter to attend Adda Clevenger for the 2019/20 school year. We are stron...


We were initially interested in Adda Clevenger for its inclusion of the Arts. Having been a trumpet ...

Adda Clevenger, where the students are the school.