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At Adda Clevenger PE is about more than running, calisthenics, or sport. It is a total movement experience that focuses on fun, involvement, character, self-esteem, health and fitness, and total well-being for our students. It is an essential part of every day to live long, healthy lives.

The goals of the ACS Physical Education program are concerned with the teaching of skills, improving physical fitness, the reinforcement of other subjects, self-discipline, leadership and cooperation, stress reduction, and strengthening peer relationships. 

ACS provides grade level or age appropriate activities where self-expression, self-confidence, and physical and mental poise can be attained through determination and mastery of physical, mental, and social tasks. For Grades TK-8, the ACS PE program uses three different approaches to physical education: 

Fitness Education - Every day, part of their PE lesson is devoted to developing the main components of fitness: aerobic endurance, speed & agility, muscular strength & endurance and flexibility.) Students learn different routines and activities that enhance these levels of fitness. Students in grades 5-8, are fitness tested quarterly (4 times/year), in which they create goals based off the standards and track their progress. 

Skill Education - This approach is based on developmentally appropriate principles that recognize that children have different interests, abilities, and motor skills. The intent is to help children learn a variety of locomotor, non manipulative, and manipulative skills that they can use to enjoyably and confidently play a sport in the future. Skill Themes are generic and are not tied to any particular sport or activity and may cover a wide range of activities. 

Cooperative Education - This includes, cooperative games, teamwork challenges, and trust activities that have students work together to reach a common goal. The focus is on the process and encouraging students to critically think and work together. They are challenged and are invited to take risks. In order for this is happen and for it to be a good experience for them, there is an atmosphere of safety, where they can speak their minds and not be judged and push themselves to the limits, while at the same time have fun and learn new skills.