"We can create giftedness through designing enriched environments and opportunities, or we can destroy it by failing to create those environments and opportunities." - James J. Gallagher

The Adda Clevenger School was originally established to serve the needs of children who have above average learning ability. Over the years we have found, however, that the academic performance of both average and above average learners is enhanced by a faster pace and higher expectations. The academic curriculum covers subjects appropriate to students’ formal education and exceeds California state requirements. After a short evaluative period, kindergarten students begin first-grade level work at an age-appropriate pace.

A systematic phonics-based program is used to teach reading and spelling. Beginning in second grade, Junior Great Books enter the reading curriculum. The English language curriculum includes grammar and creative writing at all levels, composition, speech and classical, modern, and dramatic literature. Junior High students compete in at least two speech tournaments annually.

The K-4 math program emphasizes acquisition of basic computational skills, moving to more complex concepts including pre-algebra and geometry in the upper grades. Eighth grade students complete Algebra 1 and some start second year high school math. Science classes commence in kindergarten. A five-year course in American and World History is begun in fourth grade; Junior High students study ancient through modern history along with 19th and 20th century American history, current events and geography.

In addition to fostering intellectual curiosity and developing a healthy appetite for academic success, our accelerated program also makes it possible for many of our graduates to test out of one or more high school freshman classes, putting them on track for advanced placement courses later in high school. Thus Adda Clevenger students continue to “get more out of their time spent in school” long after they graduate.